Organic Weight Loss Tea, Detox Green Tea Pods

The extracts only ever contain natural, premium ingredients ethically sourced and selected for their amazing benefits. Our professional team has worked and continues to work to provide you with the best products. Whether you are into fitness, wellbeing, slimming, dieting, or want to partake in a detox we are confident you will be satisfied with our products.

Organic Leaves

Nature’s Cuppa high-grown, hand-picked leaves are harvested organically in China. . You will really enjoy this clean, delicate flavor tea; it’s soft and mild with no “grassy” taste!

Organic Garcinia Cambogia

Incredible fruit extract that blocks your body’s ability to make fat and it reduces your appetite.

GCBE extracts

The extract of green coffee beans is involved in the activation of fat metabolism in the liver while it inhibits the absorption of new fat.

Passionate Farmers & Traditional Techniques

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